Why is This Machine So Ideal for Youngsters?


There are three Quad bikes, they come complete with helmets, safety pads, inflatable arena, and supervised, this is ideal for a party, fairs or fetes


This machine gives the parent complete control over speed. For younger, inexperienced users, select a lower gear for limited performance, or just adjust the throttle so the machine can only achieve your chosen top speed. As well as restricting the speed, parents can attach a safety cord that attaches to the rear of the machine, when tugged the engine will just cut out. Also the user can wear a wrist cut off strap so the engine stops should the user fall off. For slightly older users select a higher gear for better performance but limited top speed. For more experienced users they can either use the gears or select top gear for full power, which is approx 25mph. The Meerkat allows your child to grow into his or her quad, with numerous levels of parental control to build confidence. When proficient these can be relaxed so your child can develop gear use and slowly be introduced to speed safely.


Quad bikes are expensive items and there is a huge variety of machines with varying price tags. The Kazuma, as well as offering great value for money, and a proven track record both in this country and abroad, is packed with features only found on significantly more expensive machines. Suitability is key when choosing which quad bike is right for your child. Don't get tempted in to thinking the best known brands are the most suitable or offer the best quality. The Meerkat has it all, easy electric start, light controls, comfortable ride position, easy use foot brake as opposed to stiff hand operated brakes, super quiet four stroke engine, safety features that offer complete parental control and great resale values.


Coming soon - Real life photos of the quads, Castles and more, please call us for details

Hire three quad bikes complete with racing track, helmets and all safety equipment, enjoy a real life quad biking experience in the comfort of your back garden


These Quads are also ideal for fairs, school fetes, village fairs etc, please contact us for excellent rates.

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